had to read Primal Kiss by Lora Leigh first. It was fab as she is always! Bleeding Heart, by Michelle Rowen is the continuation of another novel Nightshade, and. Breeds – Hawkes Prüfung (Breeds-Serie) by Lora Leigh — not in English Common Knowledge, A Jaguar’s Kiss by Primal by Lora Leigh, “Primal Kiss” Ok. En utilisant ce service et le contenu associé, vous acceptez l’utilisation des cookies à des fins d’analyse, de publicités et de contenus.

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View all 3 comments. This particular story was centered around Creed, a lion breed enforcer. Rescuing a young woman, Juneausets Silas off on a heroic stint in which he spends days in little Puerto Lopez helping Juneau care for other quake victims before he gets worried about detection. prumal

Read Primal Kiss(Breeds, Book 23) online free by Lora Leigh

She is alone in life just like him — they are both survivors in a sense, and they bond over that. Common Knowledge Series The Breeds. The whole “bad guys are good guys that made the wrong choices” shebang. He wants to be left alone iiss wanders the world trying to hide himself and his powers from everyone.

The only novella worth reading was the Lora Leigh story. Some of my favorite breeds make an appearance giving you glimpses on what is going on in the breed world. It gives her spells of being nauseous and the black, ink-like substance that runs through her veins has turned her hair and eyes dark. The storyline was strong, the characters were strong,the sex was excellent.


Creed Raines is the bodyguard of Miss Kita Engalls. When Addai finds the girl Sajiaalthough she thinks she is human, she is really a Djinn trapped in a human form. Or is it a trap? I liked this one though. I kept thinking, where is the rest of the story?! The second story by Ava Gray was also part of a series, but was easy to pick up the story line on and made me want to read more of the series the point of anthologies I guess The third story I could barely get thru, my daughter skipped it had to read Primal Kiss by Lora Leigh first.

Series: The Breeds

Not my favorite in the series but great. Anyway, for those who’ve waited to find that gorgeous Creed finally get mated, this is the story! Jory Strong’s story is intriguing.

I loved the leigh book. The World of the Lupi.

The first story, Nightshade one was weird for me. Jill was injected with Nightshade, a deadly poison to vampires.

Now, fear of death would be a meager second to the fear of losing her. So erotic it seriously should have been illegal. She accepts him for who he is, but will he let her?

Read Primal Kiss(Breeds, Book 23)() online free by Lora Leigh

Primal Kiss by Lora Leigh was exactly like all of her other novels and novellas belonging in the Breed series. Not a fan of first person so didn’t read the Rowen. I would recommend it. But Gray included some very interesting tidbits here and there. Ava Gray also gives us a very, very hot sex scene is this book.


When can I meet her? Still a good book that adds to the series storyline [a little bit]. Like many concepts in the book world, “series” is a somewhat fluid and contested notion. Saija is a human who works for a powerful vampire family. This short story is not a stand alone and should be read after reading Lion’s Heat in order to understand the challenges the Breeds face in finding a cure for Amber. Helpers lquilterniffie 80Salmastryon 74Phienix 58tmommy4 51bismarckfairy 43Naveah21 33GwynethM 29emren 16rox 15smithli 14starlightgenie 13josie 12Zanzando 11moranmc 7Avron 7jefbra 6Conkie 6loremistress 5Shelda17 5mixalina 5Shortride 4r.

A Jaguar’s Kiss by Lora Leigh. I don’t know if Ava Gray has a series with these characters but I would definitely a buy it. She loved the sister that had disowned her family. Staring back at her, Creed sensed, scented, felt all the emotions tearing through her for the first time. Wolfe’s Leigy by Lora Leigh. Of course, the kinky sex with a dominant male just makes it that much more alluring.

Styx’s Storm by Lora Leigh.