Chuck states in the first session that you can’t possibly Learn the Bible in 24 Hours, however, continues on to present what’s widely considered. Learn The Bible In 24 Hours: Small Group Pack. Dr. Chuck Missler. Learn The Bible In 24 Hours Small Group Pack, DVD Plus 6 Workbooks – Designed. For those who have tried and failed to initiate a program of personal Bible study, ” Learn the Bible in 24 Hours” is ideal. Chuck Missler provides readers with the.

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Jun 17, Marianne West rated it it was amazing Shelves: I stopped reading this book at nearly the half way point. The Minor Prophets Hour The ministry is also known as K-House and today is led by Ron Matsen. In a way it encourages genocide. However if you say yes then you are giving support to their continued actions against the Palestinians.

Feb kearn, Helen rated it really liked it Shelves: The problem is that the sons of Noah exist in a hierarchy, with Shem tne the top, followed by Japtheth, and finally by Ham.

He points out that the Bible apparently identifies the originals of each of the races and tribes on the Earth. In fact his decrying the US’s rejection of the gospel of Christ suggests that there is a belief that maybe, just maybe, the United States is supposed to be the protector and guardian of the Christian message and if the United States rejects it’s Christian heritage then the world is doomed. The chapters on Revelation, and the end times, were bib,e – a serious must read for anyone interested in World Politics.

Always wary of Christians who are deeply into prophecy and the end times but I couldn’t fault this and had quite a few eye-openers. You see this is only an example of their sin, and it is not homosexuality, or even blazen homosexuality as he suggested. This book was a gift to my mother-in-law her last Christmas on earth The Book of Daniel Hour I couldn’t recommend it any higher.

For those who have tried and failed to initiate a program of personal Bible study, “Learn the Bible in 24 Hours” is ideal.

  AFRS 1327 PDF

Learn the Bible in 24 Hours | Chuck Missler

The problem that I have with this book is that it seems to elevate some sins above others, and misinterprets some passages. Wayne and I read it together and plan on re-reading it annually.

This is really an interesting book.

Look, I believe in a world wide flood, and I think it is cool that humans and dinosaurs may have co-existed where else did the legend of dragons come fromhowever while there is a lot of evidence of such a flood, nobody has ever dug up the skeleton of a Nephalim. It’s all very well saying “there are codes in the Bible, isn’t it great?

Apr 19, Re added it. The problem with focusing on judgement is that it is like the meme that I posted about — Jesus is saying ‘follow me or else’. The thing is that by living selfish and self-centred lives we are very much capable of bringing judgement upon ourselves through our own actions, and when society all goes off to do what they see is right in their own eyes then disaster will follow — just look at the book of Judges. Paperbackpages. An “hour” is actually about twenty minutes – you’d have to be a really slow reader to take an hour, and it’s a very easy read, nothing of a challenge but has highlighted some amazing connections between old and new testaments, languages in the Bible and meanings of things, and also some amazing insights about Israel and God’s love for Israel still.

Learn the Bible in 24 Hours

No trivia or quizzes yet. Thanks for telling us about the problem. I gleaned so much enriched understanding of the prophetic aspects in Scripture by reading this book. Another interesting thing is that they argue a literal 24 hour day here, but when it comes to Daniel’s prophecy of the end times, where he speaks about weeks, it is only to interpret that as a week of years — where is the consistency?

I belong to a Bible study group all women who have not only been using this book but also draw from various other resource material. Return to Book Page. Examine the heroic tales of Exodus, the lasting wisdom of Proverbs, or even the enigmatic imagery of Revelation with the simple, Scripturally sound insights and fresh perspectives found in Learn the Bible in 24 Hours.


So, the question that I raise is, if angels are sexless how is it that they can have sex with humans maybe they gave themselves the respective equipment?

Learn the Bible in 24 hours with Chuck Missler | GOD TV

This isn’t just a loaded question, it is an incredibly loaded question. It is true that the Bible says that we are all sinners and are under the judgement of God, however it is also equally true that Jesus died for the ungodly. The book is informative, exciting,and completely exalts our Savior.

Mind you, the propaganda in this situation is fierce, you simply have to look at the internet to see it, but here is a couple of examples: The Rise and Fall of the Monarchy. Are you ready for a detailed yet thoroughly enjoyable study of the most profound book ever written? In fact I believe that their actions in Palestine are atrocious.

It also suggests that certain races could be killed off simply because they are belived to have a genetic taint. My biggest bugbear was his repetition, but his final chapter despite further repetition in the overview of the entire book was powerful!

The Bible isn’t about the future, it is about how we should live now. My concern is that this teaching gives rise to racism and racial superiority.

In fact he says that those who claim to be amillenialists as I chukc are denying the word of God and calling him a liar. Samuel, Kings and Chronicles. However what sin does is that it makes us want to put ourselves front and centre. Oct 05, Trever rated it it was amazing. Escatology I believe that this is a chcuk dangerous doctrine. The Patriarchs Genesis Hour 5: Nov 01, Catherine rated it liked it.

Genesis Hour 4: Job — Song of Songs.