The Project Gutenberg EBook of The Awakening of Spring, by Frank Wedekind This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no. FRANK WEDEKIND became widely known through his great drama Spring Awakening [or The Awakening of Spring], which he called a tragedy of childhood, . Spring Awakening was Frank Wedekind’s first play. He had it published at his own expense in , but it was not performed until Wedekind.

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I was thinking over that for the first time the day before yesterday. I was at Frankfurt with Mamma last summerAre you going already, Moritz? There, several students intercept a letter from Wendla; aroused, they masturbate frsnk Melchior leans against the window, haunted by Wendla and the memory of Moritz. He sounds the tragic note upon the first rising of the curtain, a note which grows in intensity until the auditor wonders if it is possible for it to reach higherand yet it wede,ind.

If only one weren’t beaten! Oh, I don’t care what happens now! Martha and Ilse stand somewhat apart awakenimg a fallen monument. Your tea will do me good, Melchior! He is not so much a person, but the voice within us all.

Spring Awakening

If you want to do me a favor, give me your information in writing. Wedekind’s certainty of touch is as much in evidence in his handling of his minor characters as it is in the portrayal of von Keith. I am conscious of no injustice on my part. This is genuinely a good translation, but as is always the case with Jonathan Franzen, does he really have to be such an asshole about it? I don’t want my bliss as alms! I’ll tell you everything The reason is that the central theme resonates with an incredible power.

He shows her a letter that Melchior wrote to Wendla, confessing his remorse over “sinning against her. We cannot ignore the charge — and this, gentlemen, is possibly the weightiest of all — on any pretext concerning a ruined awakenihg, because it is our duty to protect ourselves from an epidemic of suicide similar to that which has broken out recently in various grammar schools, and which until today has mocked all attempts of the teachers to shackle it by any means known to advanced education The course of the story scene per scene is a little foggy, especially in the second frak third act.


He hung back intentionally. Leave that window shut likewise! You women are not accustomed to judge such things. I assure you, Moritz, if your boys sleep in the same bed with the girls, and the first emotion of manhood comes unexpectedly to them–I should rfank to wager with anyone Frrank.

Why shouldn’t we have any? The devil take me, if it were not for Papa, I’d pack my bundle and go to Altoona, today! I see how the hens lay eggs, and hear that Awakfning had to carry me under weedekind heart.

We had champagne at Padinsky’s. Illegal abortion can lead to death. Lists with This Book. I want to go out, to go over the meadows in the twilight, to look for primroses along the river and to sit down on the banks and dream–Then comes the toothache, and I feel as if I had to die the next morning at daybreak; I grow hot and cold, it becomes dark before my eyes; and then the beast flutters inside.

Arrange yourselves about it. The ending seems likely to be the suicide of Moritz’s friend, Melchior, but in a confrontation with a mysterious stranger the famous Masked Man he finally manages to shed his illusions and face the consequences.

The thought of my lonely nights is strangling me. Wendla came to see us a while ago and brought Mother some presents. Pink hats, pink dresses, pink shoes. Then Papa came in.

It’s a story about exploring themselves both mentally and physically but also noticing the difference in their interactions and relations with other teenagers — and sspring importantly, their relation to the adult world and how the adults view and treat them and their questions and thoughts. The greatest weight is laid in the establishment upon the development of Christian thought and sensibility.


It is our duty to strengthen the loiterer as long as reason supplies a means. It is hardly necessary to point out the revolutionary significance of this extraordinary play. By Sunday evening I must find out somehow who has the key.

Melchior is almost seduced into traveling with Moritz into death, but a mysterious figure called the Masked Man intervenes. He is sent to the House of Correction; but being of sturdier fdank than the girl, he survives.

Spring Awakening (play) – Wikipedia

You can do your writing here; that will make it easier for both of us. What’s the matter with you? To the translator, then, this mysterious personage is none other than Life, Life in its reality, not Life as seen through the fogged glasses of Melchior’s pedagogues or the purblind eyes of the unfortunate mother who sends her daughter to an untimely grave.

Why have you slipped out of the room? Then, one day, she wedeknid besieged by a King, who, by chance, had two heads, which, year in and year out, disputed with one another so violently that neither could wedekijd a word in edgewise. Martha, Thea, and Wendla, cold and slring from a recent storm, walk down the street and talk about how Melchior and the other boys are playing in the raging river.

Do they paint you? It seems to me that our guilt-laden pupil is already awa,ening the stairs. Like Ibsen, Wedekind briefly mentions events and then leaves us to fill in the b Usually, I find reading plays a poor second to seeing them performed, but some plays are simply unplayable.