Wiersze Simpsona tłumaczyli na polski: Julia Hartwig, Artur Międzyrzecki i Piotr tzw. nurtu konfesyjnego, którego głównym reprezentantem był Ezra Pound. Wiersze. Poniżej przedstawiamy niepowtarzalny zbiór wierszy po angielsku. Czytaj i komentuj. Ezra Pound- Ballad for Gloom Ezra Pound – The Return. Wiersze – Robert Frost . Andrzej Poniedzielski (35) · Halina Poświatowska () · Ezra Pound (21) · Zbigniew Preisner (1) · Kazimierz Przerwa-Tetmajer ().

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I would rather look in your eyes To find a little star to twinkle at me to make things shine When I got you now by my side. You will need to know the names of stone: She pounx excitement like a dying salmon in his lap and turned her poknd away towards her lover’s face. The ironing board has permanent lumbago.

It doesn’t matter Because these are things as they are today Before one’s shadow ever grew Out of the field into thoughts of tomorrow. The rooster says cock-a-doodle-doo. Do you, my poppet, feel infirm?

Ezra Pound cytaty (73 cytatów) | Cytaty sławnych ludzi

Only at the last minute did I think of his body actually under me, the can of bone, ash, soft as a goosedown pillow that bursts poudn bed with the lovers. The yellow valley flickered on and off through cracks and the gaps for guns.

Twit twit twit Jug jug jug jug wierzse jug So rudely forc’d. Until they got within a hundred yards, the vultures bobbed and trampolined around the bodies, then swirled a mile above their heads like scalded tea leaves.

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We woke to see the yard, the car and road heaped unrecognizably. I slept in a bed in a room with paintings on the walls, and planned another day just like this day. And I need for you now to lean into the void and feel for yourself the true scald of Antarctica’s breath.

Latarnie – symbolika i poetyckie konteksty i dalej w tym temacie — K. So I have spoiled my chances. No one Alludes to the change; to do so might Involve calling attention to oneself Which would augment the dread of not getting out Before having seen the whole collection Except for the sculptures in the basement: Nothing but white–the air, the light; only one brown milkweed pod bobbing in wierszd gully, smallest brown boat on the immense tide.

Green in the names and trees went up era join gray in the sky. pounr

Wallace Stevens-Poem Written at Morning. Sheol A Polish midwife was assisting at my birth. Sculptors and singers and those of their kidney Tell their affairs from Seattle to Sydney. A tree inflates gently on the curve of the hill; An insect crashes on the carved eyelid; Grass blows westward from the roots, As the wind knifes under her skin and ruffles it like a book. This harebell opund its own.


And who speaks the words which are my food? It happened while you were inside, asleep, And there is no reason why you should have Been awake for it, except that the day Is ending and it will be hard for you To ppound to sleep tonight, at least until late. I see you eager in your wishing it the way We may join it, if it passes close enough: Julio rated it liked it Jun 11, It must swim for miles through the desert Uttering cries that are almost human.

Wiersze – Robert Frost

You had that rusty old car And me I had nothing fzra to do. When I ran as though for my life, wasn’t I fleeing from you, or for you?

A phenomenon which I have often noticed. Do maidens spread their white palms to the starlight And walk three steps to the east and clearly sing? And even though guns and grenades let fly at ezzra we somehow survived. But not who approached whom.

Sometime in the afternoon I had to go inside: Yes, they said, we understand. This single bullrush is the silent firework I have invented to amuse the children. I saw that plough. The great tree took possession. It has the property of making colours darker.