orbita, globo ocular, la conjuntiva capsula de tenon paredes orbitarias: superior ( techo): formada por el hueso frontal en su profundidad el ala menos del. Non-contrast CT is useful in the initial evaluation of orbital and globe trauma for the assessment of fractures, extra-ocular muscle herniation and. Aug 30, · “El torero Juan José Padilla sufre estallamiento de glóbulo ocular por cornada” EfektoTV Deportes: – Duration: Efekto Televisión 1,,

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On MRI, the cornea is a low signal intensity structure due to collagen but may be highlighted by an overlying slightly hyperintense tear film on T1W images. The globe occupies one third of the orbital volume, with the vitreous humour representing two-thirds of the volume of the globe 2. Abnormalities of the globe. Find articles by Premilla Pillay. Majority of eye globe imaging is performed secondary to CT and MRI imaging of the brain for various reasons ranging from trauma to neoplasia.

Bilateral bands of hyperdensity that do not conform oclar insertions of extra-ocular muscles, are consistent with prior bilateral scleral bands for treatment of retinal detachment.

The sclera is enveloped by the fibroelastic Tenon’s capsule, which fuses with the estxllamiento conjunctiva and is perforated posteriorly by the optic nerve sheath. Bilateral episcleral fluid collections white asterisks with distortion of globes are likely due to scleral degeneration or necrosis.

corrida toreador – ZICC

It attaches to the ciliary body, which consists of the aqueous humour producing anterior pars plicata and the posterior pars plana. Medial lesion shows contrast enhancement. Ciliary bodies form part of choroid dashed white arrows, B, C. Sustained intraocular pressure in childhood can lead to diffuse enlargement of the globe buphthalmos ; oculae as in adults, the more rigid sclera results in focal protrusions staphylomas estallamiejto, especially in myopia Fig. This structure provides nourishment to the retina 4.


These calcifications represent normal part of aging. Approximate position of ora serrata is shown small white arrowheads. Eye, orbit and visual system.

Metastatic tumors of the orbit and ocular adnexa. Arch Pathol Lab Med.

estallamiebto Axial T1WI shows lobulated hyperintense lesion arising in anteromedial left globe with endophytic extension into vitreous. Imaging of orbital trauma. The distinction between choroidal and retinal detachment is not always possible with MRI despite several known patterns.

Traumatismo ocular

Non-contrast CT is useful in the initial evaluation of orbital and globe trauma for the assessment of fractures, extra-ocular muscle herniation and suspected globe rupture. Endophthalmitis Endophthalmitis represents inflammation or infection involving the anterior chamber and vitreous humour. Gas is noted in anterior vitreous compartment consistent with pneumatic retinopexy typically used in treatment of superior rhegmatogenous retinal detachments.

Other scleral findings include scleral banding for treatment of retinal detachment Figs. Uveal melanomas are much less common than the cutaneous form. The vascular uveal tract is the most common site for hematogenously disseminated metastases within the globe Fig. The technique is limited by lengthy scanning time, increased cost compared to CT, and requirements for sedation in children and other non-compliant patient groups. The cornea is a key component of the refractive system and measures 0.


Uveal Tract Middle Layer The uveal tract consists of the iris, ciliary body and choroid.

The outer retinal pigment epithelium RPE is attached firmly to the choroid. T1W images are useful to distinguish metastases from melanocytic melanoma with the exception of hyperintense hemorrhagic or mucinous adenocarcinomas 6. An understanding of the CT attenuation and MRI signal characteristics can also help in characterising the lesions, especially in the case of uveal melanoma.

Uveitis Inflammation of the uveal tract commonly involves the adjacent retina and sclera Fig.

Posteriorly, choroidal detachments are limited by the insertions of the vortex veins; whereas, retinal detachments are limited by the optic disc producing a characteristic V shape 1.

Hyperintense-not usually seen separately from underlying choroid. Other globe shape abnormalities include colobomas congenital defects ochlar the layers of the globe including the optic disc and phthisis bulbi representing an end-stage atrophic globe Figs.


Cavernous malformations may be associated with Sturge-Weber syndrome, and can be complicated by retinal tears and detachment. Likewise, enhancing lesion suggestive of neoplastic cause is absent. No history of trauma estallamifnto prior ocular inflammation was noted. The iris is a pigmented circular structure responsible for controlling the size of the pupil.

Fluid may also accumulate in the retrohyaloid space. Please review our privacy policy.