Qt4 buttons. PyQt4 button example PyQt4 (Qt4) supports buttons through the Python Programming Full Course (Basics, OOP, Modules, PyQt) · Create Simple . Documentation Qt de référence en français. Cette traduction de la documentation de Qt a été effectuée par l’équipe Qt de , avec l’accord de. This thread is called the “main thread” (also known as the “GUI thread” in Qt . During the course of processing, status information should be sent to the GUI.

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Qt Documentation

As long as the calculation in response to a chunk of network data can be executed quickly, this reactive design is better than synchronous waiting in threads. One call Operations are to be performed on all items of a container. A typical single-threaded application can make use of only one core. If the formatted time has changed, the result will be sent to the GUI thread where it is displayed. To avoid the cost of thread creation, a thread pool can be used.

This ensures that the target object finishes the method that is currently running before another method is started. Same as above but also use a timer coues the worker thread to implement polling. The worker object’s methods should not be called directly after the object has been moved to another thread. Two more examples show how to communicate xours a running thread and how a QObject can be placed in another thread, providing service to the main thread.


We’ve connected the clockThread with the label. QtConcurrent provides the map function for applying operations on every container element, filter for selecting container elements, and the option of specifying a reduce function for combining the remaining elements. A mutex is designed to be called from multiple threads. Thread has two additional public members. Concurrency is achieved on single core CPUs by repeatedly saving program counters and registers then loading the next thread’s program counters and registers.

The right solution depends on the purpose of the new thread as well as on the thread’s lifetime.

Keep the GUI thread or other time critical threads responsive by offloading long lasting processing or blocking calls to other threads. Qt developers are used to working with this kind of asynchronous behavior because it is much similar to the kind of event-driven programming used in GUI applications.

In this example, a message containing the thread ID will be printed. Qt provides different solutions for developing threaded applications. A common example is to produce thumbnails from a list of images. However, the best solution for polling is to avoid it completely.

Now the thread pool runs our worker in another thread. The code we want to run in another thread needs to be placed in the reimplemented QRunnable:: In this part of the Qt4 tutorial, we will introduce the Qt4 library.

Simultaneous Access to Data Each thread has its own stack, which means each thread has its own call history and local variables.

Programmation Qt — Wikilivres

A Permanent Thread Digging Deeper. A long running operation has to be put in another thread. If two ciurs have a pointer to the same object, it is possible that both threads will access that object at the same time and this can potentially destroy the object’s integrity.


Such implicit coupling may happen when data is shared between instances as with static members, singletons or global data. All widgets and several related classes, for example QPixmapdon’t work in secondary courz.

We will install the Qt4 library and create our first small Qt4 application. A safe way of calling a slot in another thread is by placing that call in another thread’s event loop.

In the company was acquired by Nokia.

Just as one CPU can power two or more processes, it is also possible to let the CPU run on two different code segments of one single process. We wait for the thread to terminate and, after this has occurred, we delete the worker. Qt has two ways of doing this. Let us look at a short piece of code that generates another clurs which says hello in that thread and then exits.

The internal implementation is based on posted events.

The thread-specific code is hidden in a class called Threadderived from QThread. Before creating threads to solve certain problems, possible alternatives should be considered.

However, this solution doesn’t scale well because the call to processEvents may occur too often, or not often enough, depending on hardware.