The Catachan Jungle Fighters (also known in the bodybuilding industry as the ABhumans and Diet Spess mehreens) are a Regiment of the Imperial Guard from . Sep 12, Explore Steve Beachler’s board “Catachan Jungle Fighters” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about 40k imperial guard, Persona and Rogue traders. Tales From Farpoint: Catachan Jungle Fighters 40k Imperial Guard, Game Painted 40K: Catachan Jungle Fighter, Painted by Phil Moss Warhammer 40k Rpg.

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Catachan regiments do not field the typical Hardened Veterans as other regiments do, instead, due to the sheer lethality of their homeworld, even a standard Catachan Guardsman is considered to be a Veteran in their own right, these troopers are formed into Catschan Infantry Squads. As specialists in ambush tactics, the Jungle Fighters also make notable use of demolition charges and improvised explosives, as well as possessing their own sniper cadre.

The Catachan Jungle Fighters | WARHAMMER ART

Inquisitor Covenant and his retinue discover darkness at the heart of an Inquisitorial conclave. Catachan marksmen will take up position hours, or even days, before a battle in order to get the best vantage point.

For this purpose Catachans often use shotguns, poisoned blades and even their bare catachxn to kill enemies. Catachan regiments are also blessed with a great number of skilled Field Chiurgeons.

Personal tools Log in Request account. To a Catachan, the threat of death is a constant thing, and they do not understand the concept of safety or peace. A Catachan slays catacahn Ork. Contents [ show ]. Description Special Edition Each print is individually hand numbered and supplied with a certificate of authenticity. Although his Valkyrie was badly damaged almost destroyed, in facthe managed to rescue Von Blacke and the remaining handful of survivors.

In this campaign had risen the Colonel Paseskiwho was Lieutenant at that time but after the death of the commanding officers of 22nd and th Orbital Assault Group took command of both units during the evacuation of Joogunda Prime’s capital.


The standard Catachan Lasgun is the Mk. Many Catachan commanders can claim to have personally saved the lives of half their company.

Catachan Devil Squads – The fearsome Catachan Jungle Fighter fighterrs include squads of warriors exceptional even by the exacting standards of their birth world. Wonder why the Emprah didn’t create a Cxtachan Marine chapter out of these badasses As many of their battles are often fought at incredibly close range, making demolition charges far more usable than heavier weapons. Ads by Project Wonderful! Some of the various lies told by Catachans include: Many new recruits mistakenly believe that the object of mines and traps is to kill or maim the enemy.

Another knife is the Night Reaperwhich is smaller and blackened, effective in night infiltration and assassinations.

Catachan Jungle Fighters

Some common examples include:. Holy Terra – Sacred Mars. They are mainly noted for having what are quite possibly the largest balls in the entire Imperiumas Catachan is basically Hell and pretty much everything can kill you, including the goddamn flowers. The Catachan 27th were stationed on the world Gerran prime to fight against the Necrons in During this campaign, the entire regiment was issued rebreathers as the deep alien jungles of Cytheria periodically erupted in poisonous sporepod blooms.

Catachan is classified as a Death World, and is perhaps the most notorious of all the known Death Worlds in Imperial space. The Catachan 97th Fought in the Cytherian Annexation.

Catachan Jungle Fighters – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum

The very factors that shape the Catachans into such exceptional warriors also leave them proud, aggressive and insular. Apparently the night sky around the Ork Hunter’s Cerberus Base was almost permanently lit with forest fires, and Orks could be heard screaming in every direction as the Catachans did their thaang. Bedecked with vines, camo netting or splatters of concealing mud, Catachan tanks might look out of place in the parade ground, but are invaluable on the battlefield.


Especially so for their biggest, more a sword really than a knife – its renown among da Orks is known as “Da Cutta”. Keep in mind that flak armor can stop lasers well, pretend lasers that make noise and obey ballistic physics rather than photonic physics and carapace armor can block bolter shells from Space Marines.

Due to the excessively humid atmosphere and heavy water-laden leaves of the native trees, these fires were generally controlled. A unit of Catachans.

Catachan Jungle FIghter

Female Catachan Jungle Fighter armed with a Flamer. Catachans have a reputation for reckless bravery that borders on insanity. The Astra Militarum occasionally employ Sanctioned Battle Psykers to accompany their troops on the battlefield.

The colonists only barely survived, holed up in junggle spacecraft against a living, besieging jungle, a battle for survival in which undoubtedly many of them died before they finally managed to learn enough about their new homeworld to survive, if not thrive, beneath its jungle canopies.

Growing up in the harsh environment of a Death World, Catachans take advantage of these harsh conditions by rigging traps from natural materials on the battlefield such as vines and tree branches.

The th Regiment fought in the Battle of Bengoli V.

Circumstances may sometimes preclude the employment of purpose-built munitions for booby traps. These commanders are often renowned hunters or warriors, the headman fighterw the settlement from which the regiment or company was recruited or perhaps the patriarch of an extended family which has sent many of its men-folk and sometimes women-folk to join the ranks.

Snipers from the regiment eliminated a prominent Tau leader, striking a critical blow to the alien’s morale. Also in this campaign regiment used Tarantula sentry figjters.