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Panic and shock drive him out into the road where he enlists the aid of Erica Falck. Nevertheless, I want to talk a bit about why this book just did not work for me. When a woman goes back to her hometown only to discover that her best friend has committed suicide, pribcesa unravels a very sinister mystery. The portrayal of alcoholism and mental health are two dimensional and extremely stereotypical in nature. Books — When the young writer Erica returns to her hometown after the death of their parents to take care of your home, you can not lackberv imagine that will be involved in.

It has an interesting mystery story, a picturesque and atmospheric setting, and, above all, it has endearing and empathetic characters. Person refuses to talk or think about it for ages. I tend not to like contemporary crime as a rule and I get the impression that Scandinavian crime is often very dark and hard hitting.


Rule 5 Patrik is not a nice person. Published October 15th by Maeva first published Jul 24, The author did keep me guessing throughout the whole book.

Several times at the end of a chapter, one of these folks finds a Clue, reads it, is surprised, and puts it in their pocket without sharing with the reader. So I was rooting for the love story, but it, like the character studies from Grievance 1 seemed too easy and therefore came across as lazy. And I had been hoping for a page-turner. Que te encante y no puedas vivir hasta terminar de leer todos los libros o 2. All the participants in an earlier murder conveniently keep little bookmarks inscribed with the initials of their childhood “gang” name in plain sight for the author and detective to find.


The torture ended earlier! Lia Pissa He’s the one who broke free from what people think in contradiction with the other heroes of the book. That would be fun to relive. I enjoyed the romance between Erica and Patrik and felt it only added to the overall story.

Also, a quote from Stephen King can apply to this book: Want to Read saving…. That made for a lovely afternoon.

There are mysteries within mysteries and people begin to delve into them to figure out how and why young Alex was murdered, and who the killer might be. But this year is very much about broadening my reading horizons and the Swedish setting was a winner before I even opened the book.

That one just did me in Her first four novels all became Swedish bestsellers.

I suppose the most pertinent questions asked by Lackberg is how far will someone go to preserve the legacy of their family, and what happens when people get in the way of that? However, a course in creative crime writing became the trigger to a drastic change of career.

I alckberg be picky with books, but I rarely ever truly hate a book.

La princesa de hielo by Camilla Läckberg (5 star ratings)

So Patrik more or less takes the case over, and we orincesa him as a dedicated officer without any tediously maverick tendencies. Erica knows at once that the body is that of her childhood friend, Alexandra.

On top of all the bad characterizations and dopey plotting, bad writing abounds. The writing is terrible; it looks like something out of my 8th grade creative writing class. Skip to main cqmilla. This book was very creepy, but I liked the way the author was able to evoke a “somebody’s watching me! The portrayal of each woman being dependent on a man or the opinion of a man or the action of a man was a throwback to the ies.


I suppose it’s the 50 shades of crime fiction. Who killed Alex and why? It gave the basic storyline of the characters. What initially appears to be a suicide is soon upgraded to murder once the autopsy reveals Alex had a high level of sedative in her blood. At some point, I decided to keep reading only to see what fresh stereotype or abomination waited on the next page.

In the middle of a heavy, serious conversation with Perlina, her mind wanders off into the looks of the woman. He walks in to find a very cold house, but appar Spoiler: Around the Year i Murray did a great job in translating the book into English.

I agree with other reviewers that the book seemed like a weak romance with an attempt to throw a mystery over it rather than a mystery with romantic elements. Indeed, I would love if I had never read “bingo phase”. By contrast, the plot concerning the reasons for Alex’s murder is quite dark, and there is a sub-plot concerning Erica’s sister who is in an abusive marriage, so there’s plenty of meat in the story. I loved the way the viewpoint shifts between them so that we are able to see what each is thinking.

Really lackluster mystery offering. Camilla Lackberg is An excellent, suspenseful novel! One thing that did irk me is that author does mention how some of the characters feel about their physical image quite a bit.

Around the Year i So go find something else.

La princesa de hielo

Que no cumpla esas expectativas y resulte ser una lectura muy pesada. Patrik and Princfsa new found feelings for each other are handled beautifully. It has been so hot and humid with no rain!