This IPO in and was worth $4 Billion. The IPO Prospectus includes all the relevant information for the IPO. Condition is very good, age: , approx Blackstone sold million of its new units to a small army of underwriters — 17 were named in the latest prospectus — raising $ billion. The KIIDs can be obtained on the website For the factors set out in the section of the Prospectus entitled “Risk Factors”. In view of.

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We believe our repeated and consistent dealings with these firms over a long period of time have led to our being one of the first parties considered for potential investment ideas and have enhanced our ability to obtain financing on more favorable terms.

Equity Awards to All Employees. Increases in interest rates could also decrease the value of fixed-rate debt investments that our investment funds make. However, adjusted cash flow from operations should not be considered in isolation or as alternative to cash flow from operations presented in accordance with GAAP.

In some circumstances, such revisions could have a material adverse impact on some or all common unitholders. This delivery requirement is in addition to the obligation of dealers to deliver a prospectus when acting as underwriters and with respect to their unsold allotments or subscriptions.

However, those assumptions and conventions may not be in compliance with all aspects of applicable tax requirements. Further, they have sent letters to the Secretary of the Treasury and the Chairman of the U.

We believe that our strong network of investor relationships, together with our long-term track record of providing investors in our funds with superior risk-adjusted investment returns, will enable us to continue to grow our assets under management across our investment platform. As a public entity, we will be subject to the reporting requirements of the U. Furthermore, such conditions would also increase the risk of default with respect to investments held by our investment funds that have significant debt investments, such as our mezzanine funds, senior debt vehicles and distressed securities hedge fund.

As blackston privately-owned firm, Blackstone has always been managed with a perspective of achieving successful growth prospedtus the long-term. Matters impacting our internal controls may cause us to be unable to report our financial information on a timely basis and thereby subject us to adverse regulatory consequences, including sanctions by the SEC or violations blaxkstone applicable stock exchange listing rules, and result in a breach of the covenants under our revolving credit facility.


In addition, during periods of adverse economic conditions, we may have difficulty accessing financial markets, which could make it more difficult or impossible for us to obtain funding for additional investments and harm our assets under management and operating results.

The following summary historical combined financial and other data of Blackstone Group should be read together with “Organizational Structure”, “Unaudited Pro Forma Financial Information”, “Selected Historical Financial Data”, “Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations” and the historical financial statements and related notes included elsewhere in this prospectus.

The success of any hedging or other derivative transactions generally will depend on our ability to correctly predict market changes, the degree of correlation between price movements of a derivative instrument, the position being hedged, the creditworthiness of the counterparty and other factors. We expect that our U. When conducting due diligence, we may be required to evaluate important and complex business, financial, tax, accounting, environmental and legal issues.

UPDATE 3-Blackstone Group files for $4 billion IPO

Investments for which market prices are not observable are generally either private investments in the equity of operating companies or real estate properties or investments in funds managed by others. It may be difficult for us to achieve steady growth in net income and cash flow on a quarterly basis, which could in turn lead to large adverse movements in the price of our common units or increased volatility in our common unit price generally.

In most cases, the companies in which our investment funds invest will have indebtedness or equity securities, or may be permitted to incur indebtedness or to issue equity securities, that rank senior to our investment. As a result, allegations of improper conduct by private litigants or regulators, whether the ultimate outcome is favorable or unfavorable to us, as well as negative publicity and press speculation about us, our investment activities or the private equity industry in general, whether or not valid, may harm our reputation, which may be more damaging to our business than to other types of businesses.

Difficult market conditions can adversely affect our business in many ways, including by reducing the value or performance of the investments made by our investment funds, reducing the ability of our investment funds to raise or deploy capital and reducing the volume of the transactions involving our financial advisory business, each of which could materially reduce our revenue and cash flow and adversely affect our financial condition.

We believe that the depth and breadth of our corporate partnerships will lead to a significant number of opportunities for our corporate private equity and real estate opportunity funds over the next several years. Our intention is to distribute to our common unitholders on a quarterly basis substantially all of The Blackstone Group L.


In blackstonne, as described below, we intend to continue to manage our business with a long-term perspective, to blackatone at all times on seeking to optimize returns to the limited partner investors in our investment funds and to retain our partnership management structure and culture of employee ownership of our business.

blackstone group lp Archives – Prospectus

Accordingly, an investor in iipo offering will generally be required to pay U. In addition, we believe our financial advisory segment further increases the diversification of our business mix.

We depend on the efforts, skill, reputations and business contacts of our founders, Messrs. Carried interest depends on our carry funds’ performance and opportunities for realizing gains, which may be limited.

Private investments may also be valued at cost for a period of time after an acquisition as the best indicator of fair value.

While all of our entities that serve as advisers to our investment funds are already registered with the SEC under the Advisers Act as investment advisers, other new regulations could constrain or otherwise impose burdens on our business. The foundation’s philanthropy is expected to extend to a wide range of educational, cultural, scientific and other charitable organizations that serve the communities in which Blackstone operates, as well as other worthy charities with which our employees are personally involved.

If either proposed legislation survives the legislative and executive process in its proposed form and were to be enacted into law, we would incur a material increase in our tax liability when such legislation begins to apply to us. As a public company, we intend to continue to employ our current management structure because we believe this structure will best enable us to continue to achieve the level of success we have achieved as a private partnership.

Risk management activities may adversely affect the return on our funds’ investments.

Any interruption or deterioration in the performance of these third parties or failures of their information systems and technology could impair the quality of the funds’ operations and could prospextus our reputation and hence adversely affect our businesses.

The historical information presented above and elsewhere in this prospectus with respect to the investment performance of our funds is provided for illustrative purposes only.