Jacques Ellul blends politics, theology, history, and exposition in this analysis of the relationship between political anarchy and biblical faith. On the one hand. Estado Organização e Pensamento – Paulo Uploaded by. Artur Souza · Cap. Anarquia e Cristianismo – Jacques Ellul. Uploaded by. Artur Souza. Girard Rene o Bode Expiatorio e Deus. Uploaded Anarquia e Cristianismo – Jacques Ellul. Uploaded Sobre Shakespeare- Romeu e Julieta (Northrop Frye) .

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In this book he tries to demonstrate the commonalities between Christian belief and philosophical anarchy. A significant phrase at the end of the book of Judges They said to him, ‘You are old, and your sons do not follow your ways; now appoint a ellkl to lead us, such as all the other nations have. Perhaps this is where Christian communities of like-mindedness with Ellul can help fill-in. It furnishes him with a complete system for explaining the world, and provides immediate incentives to action.

He discusses nonviolence and nonvoting and devotes quite a bit of time toward demonstrating that Jesus and the early Christians did not support political powers and hierarchies. Ellul condemns the modern church that has become enmeshed in politics and hierarchies that only serve to oppress individuals and invoke fear.

Overall,I would say that I am glad I read this as many who are interested in Christian anarchism refer to it,though I will keep looking for more extensive treatments on the topic. No trivia or quizzes jacqus. From a pragmatic standpoint there is no chance of success.

For in such societies freedom is detached from its purpose, which is, we affirm, the glory of God. Oct 25, Brad Belschner rated it liked it Shelves: Additionally, Ellul doesn’t refer to the chaotic, rebellion-oriented regimes that often come to our minds when we think about anarchy.


That’s how Ellul writes in this book at least. This is why I maintain that no state in the modern world is legitimate. Technique never observes the distinction between moral and immoral use.

Anarquia e Cristianismo – Jacques Ellul | Read | Pinterest | Catholic and Reading

While his view of Revelation is compelling, it’s also embattled, extremely political, and removed from most of the interpretations of the book I’ve previously explored. Samuel was now judge.

Sabbath Book 13 for Consultado em 11 de maio de Dec 27, Raleigh rated it really liked it. Engineers drew up the construction plans. I really liked the essay and although Ellul’s theological point of views are sometimes questionable in my laymen opinion and although he does not provide a clear path forward I believe this is a valuable contribution to progressi In this page essay Jacques Ellul explores the relationship between Anarchism the theory, not the violent revolution and Christianity.

Ellul is interested in showing that christians and anarchists are not as diametrically opposed as it might appear. Jacques Ellul’s opinions are ridiculous, but at least they’re different from the normal interpretations you’ve been exposed to. For sure i need to go back and re-read all his stuff. The dominant ideology is that of sovereignty. Geoffrey William Bromiley Translator. Its datedness only detracts somewhat from the thesis, which I think is fairly strong, even if I don’t completely agree.

So Ellul does what he can. But it is short, and universally recognized as an important work on the subject. Christian anarchists claim that the state, founded on violence, contravenes the Sermon and Jesus’ call to love our enemies.

I liked this book, not because it said good things, but because it talked about something important. O primeiro foi Gerrard Winstanley c.

Frases de Jacques Ellul

Ellul shows that most of these passages are, in fact, hos Very illuminating. This is self-evident and I am in full agreement. That said,he does respond to a number of standard objections and misconceptions, in a somewhat helpful way.


Through the myth it creates, propaganda imposes a complete range of intuitive knowledge, susceptible of only one interpretation, unique and one-sided, and precluding any divergence. I appreciate Ellul for his philosophical and theological insight on the matter. Dorothy Day – foi uma jornalistaativista socialanarquista norte-americana.

I first read this right out of undergrad, and grokked to it. The more cristianimo society magnifies human greatness, the more one will see men alienated, enslaved, imprisoned, and tortured, in it. It’s the same technique definitively-archist Christians use to justify capitalism, authority and the like.

I believe a better explanation of his ideas could be found in the final chapter of his book This is a pretty good introductory book to Christian Anarchy. Gerrard Winstanley, the Diggers’ leader, made an identification with the word of God and the cristianismoo of reason, an equivalent philosophy to that found in Tolstoy ‘s The Kingdom of God is within you.

Foremost, I think I disliked his attempt to reconcile anarchy and Christianity from almost legalist interpretations of Biblical passages.

May 01, Cristianksmo rated it really liked it Shelves: I thought this book really failed to convince me, which is a shame because I’m respectively open to and practicing the two subjects of the book. Just perhaps a little overly selective. Jan 05, Darby rated it really liked it. From Abyssinian to Zion: Jacqufs face of this absolute power, only an absolutely negative position is viable.